Monday, May 17, 2010

Met Golfer Excerpt

If you want a preview of the book, hit the link on the right for Met Golfer.  Several pages from the book are included in the April/May issue, along with several of Wood's photos.  Just to whet your appetite, for the book and for the golf course, I'm including another shot of No. 7.

You'll notice first that marvelous sky that looks as though the heavens are about to make an announcement, but -- if you're thinking of playing Old Macdonald -- take note too of that bunker behind the green.  It was placed there to keep balls from rolling down toward the beach, and it is perfectly located to catch the weakly hit balls swatted down by the wind.

1 comment:

  1. The original book was a great read.

    I look forward to reading the updates that include the making of Trails and Old Mac.

    I hope there is a section that takes up the debate on the 14th at Trails. I have seen few holes that get such a black and white response as that one does. : )

    Lots of great golf to talk about.....